Welcome to the UK's only store that is 100% dedicated to baseball cards

About Us

First of all, allow us to offer you a warm welcome to Home Plate Cards UK; the UK's first and only website that is completely dedicated to baseball cards.

Starting as "Home Plate Breaks UK" in March 2022, our original aim was to offer affordable breaks to UK based baseball fans. As time went by, we wanted to offer more than just breaks to the UK community and so in April 2023, we re-branded to Home Plate Cards UK.

The aim of this site is to put baseball front and centre in the UK. We offer sealed product, breaks, graded cards and singles on a website where you will only ever see baseball product. As fellow collectors, we understand how tricky it can be to get your hands on baseball cards in the UK. We want to make that task easier.

Whether you are a set collector, an investor, a collector of a specific team/player or just someone who enjoys ripping packs, we have you covered. If you are new to baseball cards, welcome to the community and enjoy the best hobby in the world!